The City Psych Journal Journey

One of our amazing City Psych writers Sabrina Desai talks about her experience of being involved in City Psych Journal. We would like to thank her for her amazing article on Mental Health Stigma.

You can have a look at her piece and all the other interesting articles in City Psych’s online version: 

When I initially saw the email regarding the psychology journal, I was ecstatic! The very thought of someone creating a platform to make psychology and its current topics more  accessible was awe-inspiring. I was sure I wanted to be a part of it! It was exhilarating to imagine having an academic article published in the university’s very first psychology journal. Being a part of this meant I would have the opportunity to explore a relevant topic which was interesting and I’d be able to share it with not just people from my course, but a much wider audience.

Through all the excitement and thinking of topics that were current and would be fascinating to readers, I started to wonder if it was too great a commitment? After mulling over it for a couple of hours, I reminded myself that there was no such thing as lack of time and that this wasn’t an opportunity that should be taken for granted, and so like any sane person I claimed it.

“This experience for me is a milestone and I have learned so much from it.”

Everyone that worked on the journal was amazing, I got to meet a lot of new people, who were friendly, interesting and had so many great ideas for their articles.

“What I love most about psychology, is that it’s extremely relatable to things we do in our day to day life and this journal encompassed that!”

Sabrina DesaiAt no point, did it ever seem like this journal was only for psychology students and there were so many students I met from different courses that exhibited an interest and made this an incredible experience. From talking to people about my ideas and getting feedback on my article from editors and academics- it was an amazing journey. All of us have coursework and essays to do, but think about having the opportunity to actually write about something that you’re curious about, a chance to spread awareness and shed light upon current topics that are being disregarded or need to be explored further. I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to not only meet talented people and have had an article published, but to have had the opportunity to explore topics and make psychology more accessible to individuals who don’t necessarily come from academic backgrounds.

This journal is a brilliant platform and I hope inspiring writers with a voice and interest in psychology, no matter what their course -come together next year to inspire others and explore more relevant issues. Hope everyone enjoyed reading the first issue. Here’s looking forward to issue 2.


Naz Altinok – City Psych Journal Founder giving a speech about the journal


From left to right: Jessika, Sig, Anna, Sabrina and Sandra

Written by Sabrina Desai


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